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Music Videos 

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph LIVE ON STAGE 

Lolly's Twisted Tales


Lolly Lardpop's Radio Play-Date Cover

Welcome to Lolly Lardpop’s Radio Play-Date, a comedy podcast for kids! Join candy-loving, 5-year-old sock puppet Lolly Lardpop, her Granny Dot, Sasquatch Gordon, and friends as they spread joy across the airwaves.

Featuring a cast of Broadway, TV, and movie stars, this hilarious, family-focused, radio-show-style podcast blends real world with fantasy. Visit people who make a difference in their community, then jump into an adventure in Lolly’s wild and whimsical world! Tune in for heartfelt hoopla, original music, interviews, celebrity guests and episodic adventures.



Download these albums filled with EAR CANDY! Featuring original music, whimsical characters, and more!

Lolly & Friends Spunkinsass album cover


Wake Up Your Weird album cover

Wake Up Your Weird

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