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Celebrating Judy Heumann the Mother of Disability Rights

It's been only a year since the world lost the incredible Judy Heumann. Known as the mother of the disability rights movement, Heumann was a tireless advocate organizing protests and sit-ins that changed history. A child of German Jewish parents who emigrated to the US in the 1930's, Heumann contracted polio at age two, eventually relying on a wheelchair to aid her in moving through the world

But the world, Heumann found, wasn't set up to accommodate her wheelchair, and when she and other people with disabilities met at Camp Jened in the 1970's it was the beginning of a revolution. The 2020 documentary Crip Camp tells the incredible story.

Learn more about Heumann and listen to her in her own words on her podcast The Heumann Perspective. Let's help continue the work Judy started.



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