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"Merry Christmas Wishing Well" A Snow Globe Memory with Caroll & Debbie Spinney- From Lolly's Diara

Lolly shares why the "Merry Christmas Wishing Well" episode of Lolly Lardpop's Radio Playdate podcast is so special. Hint: It involves a magical moment with Caroll Spinney, the kind-hearted performer who originated Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for an ACTIVITY.

A hand-drawn card by Caroll Spinney

Dear Diaria,

Granny Dot told me that there are magic moments that happen in a lifetime when time slows down and your heart makes a “snow globe memory”. You know it’s happening because the air gets thick with joy magic and love swirls around like the glitter in a snow globe. Your mind captures the scene forever and it stays in your heart. Granny Dot says when it happens to her she says out loud, “We’ll always have this moment”, that way whoever is with you can capture the memory too.

My all-time favorite "snow globe memory" was at the “Merry Christmas Wishing Well.”

It happened when Paul, Leslie, and I visited Caroll and Debbie Spinney during the fall colors. I had a feeling Caroll and Debbie were Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Now I know it's true!

Me and my fairy God parents Caroll & Debbie Spinney

Whenever I visit the Spinney’s it's like sneaking into Santa’s workshop. The outside looks like a gingerbread house in the middle of the woods. The inside looks like something out of a fairy tale. Every corner is filled with whimsical artwork, toys, tea cups, creatures, carvings, and cuckoo clocks. On this visit, above the table hung a huge wreath glowing with colored lights. The tables had dishes filled with candy and cookies. I was in pure heaven! I’m so glad I tagged along with Les and Paul so I could visit with my fairy God Parents.

Paul had to get busy and record Caroll singing a song for Sesame Street. I’m pretty sure Caroll helps Big Bird talk, but I'm not quite sure how. They used a microphone and headphones just like I do when I record my Radio Playdate podcast!

Paul and Caroll find a quiet corner to record

While they did that Debbie made me some cocoa and took me on a tour of the house. She told me stories about every single thing, from the tiniest of sculptures to the biggest of paintings done by Caroll himself. When Debbie got to the piano she let out a deep sigh and picked up a piece of sheet music. I could tell by the sparkle in her eye it was special. She said, “This is the song my Daddy wrote for Big Bird. It’s called Merry Christmas Wishing Well.

The story Debbie shared was so beautiful, I had to record it for my podcast! Listen to Debbie share about her incredible Dad and how the song came to be.

Ok back to the snow globe moment and proof that Caroll Spinney is and always will be Santa.

I asked Debbie, "Is the wishing well real?" Before she could answer Caroll swooped into the room, picked me up in his arms, and said "Of course it’s real! Come with me and I’ll show you!”

And show me he did! Caroll drove me in his golf cart, weaving in and out of trees like Mr. Toad on a wild ride. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then all of a sudden he stopped and there it was, the Merry Christmas Wishing Well!” It was hand-painted and it looked just how I imagined it!

Caroll told me to close my eyes and make a wish and I did. That's when the snow globe moment happened just the way Granny Dot described it. Everything slowed down and I was surrounded by the most beautiful heart magic I’ve ever felt. That’s when I knew I was with the real Santa Claus. Lucky for me Les followed us and she was able to capture it so I could share it with you. See for yourself.

Whether you believe in Santa or not , the magic in this memory is pure love and will last forever because of the joy it radiates into the world.

Merriest of everything to you.

Love and joy to all,




Think of your own snow globe memory. Something that makes you feel warm inside. Maybe it's a special moment with a friend, or in a place that seems magical. Draw a snow globe of your own and put your memory inside it. Then share that memory with someone you love!


Five-time Emmy nominee Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is a multi-faceted entertainer, puppeteer, visual and voice-over artist, writer and producer

best known for performing Abby Cadabby and Elmo’s dog Tango on Sesame Street.


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